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Shoe Molding – South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189

Shoe Molding. South Texas Flooring Company 713-660-9189. Shoe molding refers to the long strips of trim that run along a wood floor at the juncture between the floor and the baseboard. Shoe molding is sometimes referred to as quarter-round, although technically shoe molding is slightly smaller than quarter-round molding. The shoe molding is used to […]

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Hardwood Flooring Width – South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189

Hardwood Flooring Width. South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189 Technically, wood flooring is specified as either “strip” flooring or “plank” flooring. Strip flooring is 2 ¼” wide (across the top) or less, and plank flooring is 3” or wider. Much of the wood flooring installed in houses before the twentieth century had a “face-width” of 4 inches […]

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Urethane or Wax? South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189

Urethane vs. Wax – In Houston, most hardwood floors today have a urethane finish. Before the mid 20th century, however, wood floors were, for the most part, coated with wax, and South Texas Flooring (713-660-9189) still gets occasional requests to finish a floor with wax instead of urethane. The two finishes are quite different. When […]

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