Wood Floor Direction – Across Room or Length-wise?

Direction of hardwood flooring. South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189 – If you’re having hardwood floors installed in your Houston home, you will need to decide the “direction” to run the flooring. Put another way, should the new floorboards be installed running the length of the room, or from one side to the other? The general rule here is that the flooring should be run in the same direction as the length of the room, at least whenever possible. However, depending on the layout of the house, as the flooring runs from room to room, the “general rule” may not apply, and it may be more appropriate to run the flooring from one side of any given room to the other side.
Having said that, it’s not unusual at all to see hardwood flooring change direction at any given point in the house, especially in long hallways, or at doors leading from one part of the house to another. Bottom line is that flooring direction is a matter of choice and practicality, and direction changes in a few areas of the house are quite common.