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Dust / Sanding / Refinishing. South Texas Floor Company 713-660-9189 When hardwood floor sanding work is scheduled in a home in Houston, one of the first questions asked is “How much dust will it create?” It is a particular concern for homeowners who are occupying the house in which the work is being done. Sanding a hardwood floor creates dust, to be sure, but it’s not nearly as ominous as it was just a few years ago.
The area to be sanded will be sealed off completely, typically with sheets of plastic, so as not to allow dust to escape to the rest of the house. But the dust is also considerably contained within the area being sanded. Normally three sanding machines are employed in the process: a big drum sander, an edger, and a buffer. The drum sander and the edger will have (and always have had) bags attached to them to catch the dust that they produce. But the real culprit regarding dust production is the buffer, which is the final piece of equipment used in the process. The buffer is quite sizable (much larger than your typical household buffer), and is equipped with circular sheets of sandpaper, at least for the first few passes on the floor. The circular motion of the buffer throws the dust out in all directions, and in the past, there was little that could be done to contain this dust.
But most of the buffers used today are equipped with a skirt, which keeps the dust low and helps diminish the “slinging” effect. But more importantly, the buffers now have a hose attached to the top of the circular plate, which is secured on the other end to a sizable vacuum machine. This vacuum machine actually pulls the dust created by the buffer into a bag contained within the vacuum, reducing the dust from the buffer by as much as 70 to 80%.
As a homeowner, when you hear the phrase “dust reduction system”, it is typically referring to this vacuum process. Just a few years ago, many floor refinishers charged extra for this service, but a worthy flooring company today will not only be equipped with this system, but will include it in the price of the job.
Remember, lastly, that the sanding process is still not, and probably never will be “dust free”, so expect to find some residual dust on some surfaces and in some nooks and crannies, requiring some light cleaning.