Wood Floors in Houston’s Moisture

Install Hardwoods Houston – South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189 – Hardwood floors in Houston or any other high moisture environment require a particular type of installation, especially if the hardwood floors are installed over a concrete slab. The humidity in Houston is so high that hardwood floors will immediately begin to absorb moisture upon installation. In addition, the Houston soil has a high moisture content, and concrete tends to retain moisture, even long after being poured.
The ideal method for installing hardwood floors in Houston is to nail the flooring over a tar and screed subfloor. The tar acts as a moisture barrier, and the screeds assure that the flooring is not in direct contact with the concrete.
If the hardwood floors must be glued to the concrete, then we prefer at South Texas Flooring to apply a layer of sheet vinyl to the slab, and then lay the floors over the vinyl, using a urethane adhesive. (See related blog on this website “Installing Hardwoods – Nail-down or Glue?)
Less humid environments are more gentle on wood flooring, but hardwood floors in Houston or Southeast Texas must be installed with particular care.
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