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Recoating vs. Refinishing – Hardwood floors in Houston take quite a beating over time. But that’s the advantage of solid hardwood flooring: it can be sanded and refinished numerous times over many years, and can ultimately last 50 years or more, barring serious moisture damage. Although sanding and refinishing is the standard and generally the best way to refurbish a solid hardwood floor, another method occasionally employed is simply recoating the floor.
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Recoating can be sufficient on a hardwood floor that has perhaps lost its sheen and has some surface scratches, but does not have deeper scratches into the actual wood or serious discoloration. The recoating process is simple; the surface of the floor is simply buffed with a pad (think of a steel wool pad), which cleans and preps the existing urethane coating, and then one new coat of urethane is applied. The new coat will add new sheen to the floor, and can allow for perhaps a few more years of use before sanding and finishing is required.
A couple of notes of caution: First, a hardwood floor that has been waxed cannot be recoated with urethane, because the new urethane will not adhere to the wax. Secondly, the existing color of the floor cannot be changed with only the recoating process, because no sanding is being done.
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