Refinishing Existing Hardwood Flooring

South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189 – Floor Company / Contractor-The most common method of refurbishing / refinishing / redo a hardwood floor involves sanding the floor to its natural state, and then applying new stain and urethane. The sanding process is not nearly as messy as in the “old days”, as we use sanders with dust reduction vacuum systems, in addition to sealing off all areas to be sanded. Stain samples are then applied directly to the unfinished floor for the customer’s viewing. All species of hardwood flooring will take stain to some degree, but oak is particularly stain-friendly, and will accept stain colors ranging from dark to light, and all colors in between. After staining, all shoe moulding, thresholds and other trim is installed, and urethane coating is applied.
We also install new wood flooring.

Please call 713-660-9189 to set an appointment for us to visit your home, or simply to discuss your particular wood floor situation. Visit our website, to see more info on our company, and to brouse through our blogs containing more specific information on refinishing, including time frame, process details, shoe molding, urethane vs. wax, and much more.