Wood Flooring in Houston Kitchens

Hardwood / Kitchen / Baths. It is not uncommon at all to find hardwood floors in kitchens and even bathrooms (especially powder rooms / half-baths) in many homes being built in Houston today. Hardwood floors, especially considering the urethane surfaces which are the norm today, work well in almost any room of the house. But homeowners should be aware that hardwood floors, especially in kitchens, tend to take more of a beating than wood floors in other rooms. South Texas Flooring 713-660-9189 (see other blogs / pages on this site).
Kitchens get more repetitive back and forth foot traffic than other rooms, especially in front of oft-used counters and sinks. Also, water is dripped on kitchen floors, from just washed pans, utensils, or wet hands. Generally, neither of these activities damages the wood floor itself, but the two together can cause the floor finish (urethane) to wear faster. Thus the “damage” to kitchen floors that results from these activities is usually damage to the surface, and therefore necessitates floor refinishing more often. With contiguous wood floors throughout a house, it is possible that refinishing a kitchen floor may also require refinishing additional rooms – rooms that may not be nearly as worn. There are remedies to this situation, discussed in other blogs / articles on this website (see “key boards”).
Hardwood floors in powder rooms or half baths typically take less of a beating than kitchen floors, simply because the foot traffic is not as heavy, and it is less likely that water will be dripped onto the floor on any kind of regular basis. It is not recommended that hardwood floors be installed in bathrooms with bathtubs or showers, for obvious reasons.
Lastly, it could be argued that kitchens and baths are more susceptible to flooding than other rooms, but our experience is that floods seem to come from other sources just as often; a leaky roof, a washing machine hose leak, a second floor plumbing leak that mostly damages the first floor room below, or even water entering the house at ground level from the outside.