Wood Steps / Stairs in Houston

Stairs – Hardwood Oak Steps, carpeted steps to wood – Many two story homes in Houston were built with hardwood floors on the first level, but carpet on the steps and on the second level. Hardwood floors can easily be installed on the second level (see related blog on this website), but what about the steps?
South Texas Flooring (713-660-9189) has installed new hardwood steps in hundreds of Houston homes over the two decades that we’ve been in operation. Installation of new hardwood steps can be a relatively basic procedure, or, in the case that the stairwell has one or both sides open to the room below, may involve a more intricate process, possibly including removing and re-installing the banister and balusters, and adding new side skirts and other moulding. In either case, the process requires a skilled craftsman.
When the carpet is removed, typically revealed is a skeleton stairwell constructed of rough pine. New solid hardwood stair treads can usually be installed directly on top of the rough pine treads, and new risers (the vertical facing between each tread) can be installed as well, to cover the gaps between the old pine treads. Each step, both tread and riser, must be custom cut on site to insure a precise, tight fit and finished appearance. Again, if one or both sides of any individual step hangs over an open area, the balusters (spindles) and banister (handrail) may have to be removed, and either replaced or re-installed.
In addition, a starter tread and riser (the bottom step), often longer than the other steps and built with rounded, bull-nosed sides, must be constructed and installed. And many stair cases have landing areas, which are typically constructed with solid hardwood flooring and bull-nose pieces at the overhang.
After the installation is complete, the treads and landings are sanded and finished, and the risers are stained or painted, depending on the homeowner’s preference.
The cost of a newly installed stairwell can be as low as $150 per step (including sanding and finishing / trim etc.), or up to $250 plus per step, depending on the design of the staircase.
Also, many homeowners opt to change out the balusters (spindles), and sometimes the banister (handrail) as well, from wood to wrought iron (or another material). South Texas Flooring has installed hundreds of wrought iron balusters over the years, and wrought iron stair trim is a subject of another blog on this website.